July 27, 2009

Welcome to Chicken Soup for the Cancerous Soul.  I will update the Main Page as often as possible to keep everyone informed of what is going on in my life.  Check out the ABOUT page to find out about my story.  Read the ORDER OF BATTLE to find out what my general course of treatment is.  Or if all that woe is me medical stuff isn’t blowing your hair back you can go to IMAGE to see pics of me and my activities or WHAT CAN I DO? for a list of ways to help out.

Today was an average day.  I worked, walked a mile, ate dinner, and watched a movie.  I am chomping on the bit in a sense to get started on my bone marrow transplant.  Since I got word last week that my brother, Tom, is not a match for the transplant, I’ve been more aprehensive.  I want to get a timeline established, learn what I can and can’t do, and start working on a fitness plan for my recovery.  I look forward to going to Duke on Wednesday and finding out about what my timeline will be.


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