August 3, 2009

Sorry for not posting yesterday.  I saw Funny People, the new Judd Aptow movie.  Don’t bother with it.  It had moments where it was very good, but on the whole it was an exercise in movie masturbation.  I also accidentally deleted my post from August 1, 2009.  Shit.  I’m still learning about this whole blog thing.  So anyway, yesterday….I drove back from Cola late last night.  It went well.  There were a surprising number of people on the road for 10 pm on a Sunday.

Today was a Monday.  Along with it came the typical Monday things.  Go to work, eat lunch, go home.  I had a doctor’s appointment early and they drew blood.  My counts were pretty good.  WBC was 3.5 and platelets were 185.  I haven’t had counts like this since I was 8.   I ran some errands and integrated my walk into that.  So I walked to all the stores I needed to go to in my local shopping center.  I also got some weird looks along the way.  I updated the ORDER OF BATTLE page, so go there and read all about my up coming year.

Finally, I also want to thank everyone who has contacted me via any medium over the past few weeks.  One of the strange things about cancer has been that everyone contacts you.  And it’s nice to hear from folks that I haven’t spoken to in years.  Your support and words of encouragement fortify me for battle each day.  Cancer is truly a team disease and by that I mean that it takes a team of people to help and support the patient and the bigger the team, I think, the better the chances for long term survival.  I am lucky to have such a large, vocal, and supportive team.  Keep the support coming.


One thought on “August 3, 2009

  1. Well, darling boy, (I am allowed, as a grandmother to call you that) I finally caught up with this lovely site. I am so computer slack, but want you to know that in my church, actually a Fellowship, the U.U. of wilmington, there are candles lit for you, stones put in a fountain for you, and EVEN candles lit in front of lots of Eastern dieties in their homes for you every day!
    I think you met my art friend Angela, who went through the CA drugs and is going again; her nephew had a bone marrow transplant back in the dark ages, and is now a 50-yr old father of 3. Take heart! Much love, Mummo

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