August 12, 2009

The doctor’s went well.  This could be the last time I go to get IVIG.  That’s an exciting prospect.  I go for chemo 4 tomorrow.  Then its off to the lake for some recovery.  I’m looking forward to doing some good fishing while I’m there.  Hopefully I can entice some Bass to bite this time.  New updates will come Sunday night.


2 thoughts on “August 12, 2009

  1. Hey!
    I hear marshmallows work on bass…

    Check out the “Wooden Boat”magazine website, specifically “Launchings”. Lots of pictures of home-built boats. A good many of these are canoes.
    Sorry I didn’t call you from Maine, but we can catch up soon. Maybe after the latest chemo trough?
    Uncle Joshua

  2. If your fishin Lake Norman you have to use a shaky-head and soft plastic and sih them slow. Or try a swimmin jig white or chartruese in deeper water.I am out there allot and usually take July/August off. The Fall and Spring months are the best if your fishing LKN. Good Luck

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