August 27, 2009

So I’ve decided that I am going to focus my reading on three topics.  History of Afghanistan, ancient period through modern age; Henry Kissinger, his work on diplomatic history and IR theory as well as biographical and autobiographical works; and the Vikings, their history and the Sagas.  Suggested reading on these three topics is greatly appreciated.  I am going to a movie with J tomorrow.  I’ll let everyone know what we see and how it is.  Also, Last day for voting on my beard’s name is Sunday so get those votes in.  The poll is further down on this page.

Today as ok.  It was rather uneventful.  I ordered a pizza for dinner and ate about half of it.  It was raining, so I skipped my walk.  I then spent the rest of the evening watching the first season of 24.  It’s pretty good.  I like it so far.  A little melodramatic, but overall a good show.  I have been a little more tired than usual for my second week after Chemo.  My hair is still falling out, but I think that because it is already so short it has slowed its rate of loss.


One thought on “August 27, 2009

  1. Early seasons of 24 are pretty good, agreed. My main complaint with season 1 was that Jack’s family was so annoying that I really didnt care what happened to them.

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