August 31, 2009

I had a good weekend.  Fipp and I hung out in Charlotte all weekend.  I did alot of reading and house keeping stuff that needed to be done.  I have chemo this week and then it’s back to the lake one last time before my transplant.  I am really excited to start my transplant.  I hope all goes well.  I was also able to do some research into books to read in my selected topics.  I will set up a new page tomorrow with a list of what I am currently reading and what I want to read.  Readstrong for the Cure…a new charity in the works???  Maybe…….

I watched Severed Ways, a movie about Vikings lost in North America in the 11th century.  Yes, there is archaeological evidence of a Norse presence in North America 500 years before Columbus, so the premise of the film is not far fetched.  It actually builds upon one of the sagas where 2 Vikings are sent inland on a scouting mission and never return.  The movie was pretty accurate in it’s costuming and so on.  Great metal soundtrack.  The narrative falls short in some places, but the film maker, Tony Stone, showed a great amount of potential.  He is certainly someone to watch out for in the coming years.  I am also now a 24 addict.  It’s so far fetched and rather melodramatic, but it’s so suspenseful I can’t stop watching it.

I would like to extend my thanks (again) to everyone who has sent me well wishes about my good news regarding my transplant.  Your continued love and support will be crucial in the coming months, please keep it up.

One final thing.  The new beard’s name is Sherman.  I wanted Wellington, but I am a slave to the democratic process.  Also, who voted for Angus?!  Honestly.  That name was thrown in there as a joke.  Way to back the winning horse, guy.

Well, that’s all for now.  I promise I will update at least once more before I go to the lake.


3 thoughts on “August 31, 2009

  1. Scoves,

    Just wanted to drop a line that I’m extremely happy to hear that you found donors! I hope the treatment goes without a hitch. Will also be walking for you during the DC Light the Night in Oct. up here.

    Cheers and well wishes!


  2. I thought you put Angus in there because you are an AC/DC fan. I’m so relieved!

    “I” didn’t vote for Angus BTW.

    Regarding the fishing: Fish deeper Laddy. Cooler water there…

    Joshua. (Who really doesn’t know squat about fishing on Cary’s lake)

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