September 8, 2009

So I’m back from the lake.  I fished once at night, and caught nothing.  I wasn’t really up for fishing anyhow.  I felt tired and sick most of the time due to the chemo.  Even going out on the jetski was exhausting.  I got alot of good reading in.  Tom and Shannon were down there and it was good to see them.  So to recap the weekend….

Thursday was my last round of CHOP chemo.  I will receive another round of chemo right before my transplant, but I count that as part of the transplant not chemo.  I tolerated it ok.  It took the most out of me than any other round.  I slept for a while in the car on the ride up.  Fipp and I arrived Thursday evening.  We made really good time.  I don’t remember what we had for dinner.  I woke up Friday and went out on a long Jetski ride.  That was alot of fun but tiring.  So after that I came home and we had lobster to celebrate my having a donor.  I also found out my final schedule for Duke.  I wrote about that on my ORDER OF BATTLE page.  Basically, I will leave work September 22 and my transplant is September 30th.  Saturday I relaxed on the dock for most of the day and read.  Saturday night we cooked out burgers and hot dogs and made a fire.  I was tired most of the day.  It’s from the chemo.  I am finally feeling the effects of all those toxins and getting a taste of what everyone else experiences.  Sunday was more of the same.  And Monday Fipp and I left the lake and made terrible time back to Charlotte.  So that was pretty much my weekend.

Today I returned to work.  I am trying to wrap up my work projects before I go out on disability.  I am also trying to get all my disability stuff lined up and sort through everything at home.  It’s alot to do, but I have some help doing it, which is nice.  I am off to Duke tomorrow for a round of testing to make sure I am fit enough for the transplant.  I don’t think it will be a problem.  I will let y’all know how the testing went when I return from Duke.

If you’re looking for more info on my transplant, which I know is the case, go to the ORDER OF BATTLE page and you can read about it in depth.  It’s the biggest news to come out of the weekend.

Finally, feel free to shoot me an email with some encouraging words or to arrange a visit (but by all means, please continue to comment directly on the blog as well).  My email is  It can also be found under the LOOK AT ME section on the right hand of every page.


One thought on “September 8, 2009

  1. We follow your blog. Best wishes.
    We leave for Boston Saturday, and the next weekend for NY. This is Rosh Hashonah, the Jewish New Year, a new start for good things. Ten days later is Yom Kippur when we ask forgiveness for sins, our own and society’s. A day of fasting and repentance. The 10 days between are called the “days of awe”.
    In this time we reflect upon those close to us and pray for their happiness, good health as well their success in endeavors. Y’all are on top of the list. Barbara and Ed

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