September 10, 2009

Wow.  I didn’t think that the pre-transplant tests would be so exhausting.  I had blood drawn, a pulmonary flow test, peed in a cup, an ultrasound of my heart, EKG, and chest x-ray.  I was wiped out yesterday and slept like a log all night.  I even slept part of the ride home from Duke.  All the tests went well.  The doctors said that everything looked great and was functioning as it should.  So, bottom line, I am clear for transplant.

I spoke at length with my doctor about visitors.  They said that I can have visitors whenever I feel up for it as long as they’re not sick and haven’t been around people who are sick.  I would like to have visitors during my transplant.  I will be able to see people starting the second week of October, so if you want to come, just email me.  It would be nice to have you.

I was back at work today.  I worked on follow ups.  I don’t want to leave any follow ups when I go out on disability.  Fipp is coming tomorrow for the weekend.  I will give y’all an update before the weekend is out.


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