September 12, 2009

Well I’m just that much closer to my transplant.  I didn’t do much today.  Fipp and I went to Pancake House (not the international one) for breakfast.  We then ran some errands and she organized her self while I played some video games.  I don’t normally play video games, but please don’t judge.  I have cancer.  We then went to a new (for us anyway) restaurant called Cantina 1511 for dinner.  It was excellent.  After that we came home and watched Black Robe.  It is about a Jesuit priest who goes to a remote mission in 1630’s Canada.  A good, though sometimes graphic, depiction of life in the New World during the age of discovery.

Tomorrow I plan on packing some of my things.  I am moving out of my place next weekend, so it’s about time I put some things in boxes.  I don’t have any other plans.

I updated the IMAGE section, so please check it out.

Thank you to everyone for their encouraging comments.  I know I’ve been bad about replying.  I’ll be better in the future.


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