September 17, 2009

So as you figured out, I was hurting after my biopsy on Tuesday.  I was really sore all day yesterday, and I am feeling better today but still a little sore and tender.  Hopefully that is the last bone marrow biopsy I will ever have.

Today was pretty good.  I worked and had a meeting with HR to complete my pre disability paperwork.  I was also taken out to lunch today by some of the folks at work.  We went to Chili’s.  It was so nice of everyone to take me out.  I would like to say thank ou to everyone for making my time on light duty so enjoyable.  It really helped me deal the sudden transition from field work to light duty.  Thank you to everyone in Baker 3.

My meeting with HR went well.  I had alot of my questions answered.  I begin my disability this coming Tuesday.  I will spend a little bit of time in Cola with Alex then make my move to Duke.  My parents are coming down to pack my remaining things and take them to VA.  I will drive my self up to Durham and begin m transplant on Wednesday.  My final day of work is Monday.  Look for another update or two in the coming days.


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