September 22, 2009

Work wrapped up satisfactorily? √

All my worldly possessions packed precariously? √

In Cola? √

Well, I guess that about covers it.  I am in Cola today.  Tomorrow I move into my Duke apartment and begin all my pre-transplant tests and scans on Thursday.  Friday, I get to have a new tube put in.  I have a POWER PORT! in my chest right now, but for the transplant, they’ll use a Hickman Catheter.  I’m going to save the POWER PORT! and will post a picture of it Friday or Saturday.  I begin all my pre-transplant chemo on Friday too.  Another busy week, but I’ll update a couple of more times this week.

I saw The Informant! over the weekend.  It was very well done.  I enjoyed it.  If anyone other than Steven Soderbergh had been making the movie, it would be fantastically boring.  It was idiosyncratic, understated, and light hearted.  Yes, I just dropped a vocab word.

Check out my two favorite Monty Python sketches

Dead Parrot

Argument Clinic


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