September 29, 2009

Well, tomorrow is the big day.  After 4 days of intense chemo I am finally getting my donor marrow.  I got word yesterday that the donor is form somewhere in Germany.  That is exciting.  My marrow is coming from a quarter around the world.  Yesterday was ok.  It was easier than the previous 2 days.  The medicine I am given make me very restless and have destroyed my ability to focus.  I spent most of the day trying to get comfortable but was unsuccessful.  I was also bored to tears.  I can’t read, play video games, or even watch a movie for very long because my ability to focus is nil.  After I got out of the clinic I went on a long walk.  I found that the walk helped me burn off some of my restless energy.  I also had a fun run in with one of my medicines.  I had an outbreak of hives.  It is a common side effect of Campath.  I was given some Benadryl and sent home.

The evening was uneventful.  I watched some more 24 and caught Ken Burns’s new series on the National Parks.  I enjoyed the National Park series.  I am a big fan of the national park system and the outdoors in general.  The story behind the parks is just as key to appreciating them as seeing the beauty they hold.  It is also inspiring me to go explore more of the parks.  I have been to a number of national parks, but haven’t spent as much time in the parks and backcountry areas of the western parks as I would like.  Once this is all over, I am going to change that.

Today was a repeat of yesterday.  I had to battle hives all afternoon.  Not fun.  A friend from high school, Liz, stopped by for about 45 minutes.  She and her husband live here in Durham.  It was nice to see her and catch up.  I also got to visit shortly with Lois and John, who are old friends of my parents.  I then ate dinner and am now watching more of the National Parks series.  Flip will be here later tonight for the transplant tomorrow.  I will post and let everyone know how it went.  It will be pretty anti-climatic after the high drama of the last 4 days.  But it will be nice to finally get the cells.  I will also have some pictures to add.


2 thoughts on “September 29, 2009

  1. Good luck tomorrow!! Glad to hear you’re doing some walking…any chance you doing 3 miles yet? Be sure to let me know (so I can stop)!
    Hugs all around*****
    love you,

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