September 30, 2009: My New Birthday

Where to start….where to start…….

Well first I would like to start by thanking everyone for voicing their support through various social networks.  Please know that your well wishes and support has made today very special.  It is humbling to see how many people are following me and pulling for me.  Thank you all.

As everyone well knows (or had better know at this point) I had my bone marrow transplant today.  I received the actual donor cells today.  They were fresh off the plane from Germany.  I had to get some electrolyte supplements before the cells were given, so that took about 2 hours.  Around 11 this morning my donor cells arrived and the transplant began.  The cells look like a big bag of blood, but perhaps a bit darker and cloudy.  The cells were infused without incident.  It took about an hour, and then I was kept for another hour of observation after.  I was completely beat.  I did not think that the actual transplant would drain me the way it did.  I came home feeling feverish, nauseous, exhausted, and with a headache.   I went to bed and slept soundly for a few hours.  I then woke up, ate some pancakes, and drank some water.  I am now sitting up and watching some TV.  I don’t feel different, except for being tired.  I haven’t begun to speak in a German accent.  From here on out it is just a waiting game to see how the cells graft to my body.  My blood counts will continue to fall for the next couple of weeks.  Then in mid-October my counts should begin to rise and I will begin to feel better.  I have some pictures but they need to be transferred from my cell phone and then I can put them up.  They’ll be up soon, Scout’s Promise.


6 thoughts on “September 30, 2009: My New Birthday

  1. Hey Carey,

    Good luck with the upcoming weeks. I hope that you really get to feel some relief and everything goes really well. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! 🙂


  2. We follow your progress every day.
    Best wishes from us and everyone here. Ben called from London and wanted an update, hopes you can meet here or in UK. Weather here perfect, look fwd to seeing you and Alex here in a few months.
    Your blog super, might be published I hope.
    Ed and Barbara

  3. Buddy! You’re looking great– I’m so excited for you to kick this thing’s @$$ (auditors don’t swear.)

    You are so awesome. Keep fighting the good fight; we’re all pulling for you 🙂

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