October 1, 2009

Today was very different.  Refreshing even.  I slept uninterrupted through the night and woke up feeling tired, but rested.  I ate breakfast, promptly threw it up, then went to the doctors.  My counts looked good, they are beginning to fall as predicted.  They will continue to fall dramatically for the next couple of weeks then they should begin to recover as the donor marrow grafts to me.  I only needed one bag potassium today.  I was out of the clinic by 1230.  It was nice to then have a day to relax.  I read for the first time in what seemed like months.  I’ve missed being able to read.  I ate some lunch, mac and cheese, and then took a nap.  I slept longer than I anticipated, but I guess I needed it.  I then watched the news and ate dinner.  I threw up again before dinner.  After dinner, I felt much better.  I still feel exhausted but that is to be expected.  My body has been though alot over the last week and there is still so long to go.  I hope to take a walk tomorrow.

As promised, I updated the IMAGE section with pictures from the transplant yesterday.  Look at the pictures, they contain my life.


2 thoughts on “October 1, 2009

  1. Hey Carey,

    Glad to hear that the operation went so well!

    I gather some guy in Germany is walking around with a very sore hip right now…I’ll make sure he gets a butterfly balloon as well.

    I hope you get a chance to get outside tomorrow. It’s been beautiful up here in MD, but I imagine you’re having similar weather there in the piedmont.

    Congrats on the operation! No more agammaglobulinemia, right? Wishing you the best!


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