October 5, 2009

Well there isn’t anything new to really report.  My white count officially hit 0 today, so no ability to fight infection.  I got potassium, an antibiotic, and fluids in the clinic today.  I am coming up on the period where I will need supportive blood transfusions and platelets.  The doctor said that in about a week or two my counts will begin to come back up.  I am looking forward to when my counts begin to rebound.  I want to know how my new cells are grafting.  I also took a long walk today.  I did 2 laps around the apartment complex.  I don’t really like walking as exercise.  It is a slow way to accomplish a fitness goal, but I am basically being reborn, so I need to rebuild my cardio then I can work on everything else.  The best way to do that is to start slow (walking) and then build from there.  Well I think that covers just about everything for now.  I haven’t noticed much hair loss and Sherman is coming in nicely.  I’ll post a picture of him soon.


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