October 6, 2009

I feel totally beat.  I got my potassium and antibiotics and fluid today.  No Decacron or anything fancy.  The Decadron was not only helping with my nausea but also boosted my energy.  So that is why I am tired.  I was out of the clinic by about 1pm.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching TV.  My counts are still dropping like a stone.  I’ll let y’all know when I can have some visitors.  Right now, it’s just too risky because I officially have no immune system.

I also met someone in the clinic today who is about my age.  She is battling Hodgkin’s.  We spoke for a while about our illnesses.  It was refreshing to meet someone who is a) my age and b) not just visiting the clinic.


4 thoughts on “October 6, 2009

  1. Eat, drink, rest, walk -wasn’t that the title of a movie?….. you may get your MA: Master of the Art of Kicking Back!

  2. Just thinking about you and checking in to see how you’re doing. You are quite the inspiration. Thank goodness you are tougher than you look!!! :>)

  3. I always thought he looked pretty tough… in a friendly sort of way.

    I even saw him throw a real spitball once.

    Hey Carey, it snowed here the other day. Come on out and shovel some when you can travel. Its a great way to build stamina!

    Love, Joshua

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