October 11, 2009

Well the last 2 days have been rather busy.  Yesterday I needed blood for the first time in addition to my usual fluids.  I was feeling really tired, more tired than usual due to the low blood counts.  So I got my blood and felt alot better afterwards.  When you get blood you can taste it.  The whole time it tasted like a nosebleed.  I drank alot of ginger ale.  I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Fipp and watching football.  I watched Texas play and I also watched LSU play.  I was not pleased with how Texas played.  They did not look like the #2 team in the nation.  The final score is not an accurate reflection of the game.  I was pleased with how LSU performed.  They were able to hold Florida to 10 points and looked alot better than their #4 ranking would suggest.

Today I also needed blood and platelets.  I got the blood and platelets and I feel much more energetic.  I also finished The Coldest Winter by David Halberstam.  It was an excellent look at the first year of the Korean war. I enjoyed it tremendously.  I also started The Siege of Mecca by Yaraslav Trofimov.  It is fantastic so far.  It reads more like a political thriller than a piece of narrative journalism.  I’m not saying I don’t like long form or narrative journalism.  I love it, but I enjoy it more when it is very readable.  I am currently watching the Patriots play the Broncos.  It is a good game, but Mom is rooting for Denver, which is sort of annoying since she is from Maine.

On a better note my counts should start to come up this week.  Looking forward to that.


One thought on “October 11, 2009

  1. Hi! I did know you were a red-blooded American guy, and you are getting it even more!. sounds like you are doing well and handling the system well. I love that you have positive ideas and thoughts, All for the good! May today and tomorrow be the best yet…love mummo

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