October 18, 2009

Well, where was I when I left off…..

I am feeling more energetic than I was earlier in the week.  I think it’s because my counts are coming back up, finally.  My white blood cells are at .2 and platelets are 28.  They should continue to move up from here on out.  That is the big news from the last couple of days.  The first indication of my counts moving up was on Friday.  This is exciting because it means my new marrow is grafting and doing its job.

My hair fell out last week too.  That includes Sherman.  It is a delayed effect from my chemo.  My hair will continue to fall out for a while then it will grow back.  It should start to come back in mid November.

Yesterday I watched the Texas game.  It was a squeeker against Oklahoma.  I was disappointed that Arkansas couldn’t finish off Florida.  Fipp and I also watched Year One. Don’t waste your time.  It wasn’t that good.  I am spending today watching more football.  I will be able to start having visitors again later this week.  If you want to stop by, shoot me an email and let me know.


2 thoughts on “October 18, 2009

  1. Super News!!!! Don’t even think about the hair; my friend Angela ‘s hair came back a different color and curly. Go figure. Plus you may really like the clean and easy slick top. I’m just saying. Lots of love , Mummo]

  2. Whoohoo, I won the pool!! Well, since I was the only one IN the pool, the take is not very big, but still, a win is a win!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

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