October 22, 2009

No real change in my blood counts from yesterday.  They were 2.  I still feel tired all the time.  I don’t expect to be back to full energy for quite some time.  My biggest concern is still getting sick, but as my counts go up that becomes less and less likely.

Yesterday I started watching “How I Met Your Mother.”  It’s not a bad show.  Neil Patrick Harris plays a douchebag too well.  I am about half way through Nixon and Mao.  If I keep devouring books at this rate, I am going to need to get some longer books.  3-400 pages just isn’t gonna hack it.  Fortunately my next 2 books are over 700 pages each and one is really dry, so it might actually last me more than a week.  Where was this voracious reading ability when I was in college?  Not at the bar, that’s for sure.


One thought on “October 22, 2009

  1. Hey Carey!

    Your Grandfather once told me he was required to read 5 books a week while at Harvard.
    I’ll poke a stick in the bushes around here. I may have some books you’d enjoy, even if one or two might take you under the rope.
    I didn’t have my “Clamp Hat” on and told some neighborhood kids my house would be “real skeery!” this Halloween, so I have to make a bunch of “skeery” props for my yard. Ya know, black cats, gobblins and stuff.
    I owe you a picture of the KLA pumpkin too, which is getting carved just ahead of the Big night.



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