October 27, 2009

My counts went down to 1.0 yesterday.  The docs said this was mainly due to not getting e Neulasta shot on Sunday.  I got my shot yesterday and today my counts were 3.1 today.  Still no results on my engraftment study.  Those should come back later in the week.  The engraftment study checks to see how many of my cells are mine and how many are from my donor.  I’m hoping to have a significant minority of donor cells.  Other than that, no new news.  I did not get a shot today, so we’ll see what the counts do tomorrow.  Some reduction in counts is expected when the Neulasta is stopped, but a count higher than 1 is desirable.

I finished the first season of “How I Met Your Mother” today.  It is a good show and I can’t wait to get the second season from Netflix.  I hope to finish Nixon and Mao this week.  Brandon, awesome recommendation on that book.  I think I’ll get another fix of narrative journalism by reading Black Hawk Down next.


3 thoughts on “October 27, 2009

  1. I’ve got a stack of books I need to read but I’m moving Nixon and Mao to the top of the queue. It was good seeing you on over the weekend wish I could have stayed longer.

  2. Check out Madmen. about advertising in the 60’s.
    John Keegans Civil War out this week, a must read, also US Grant b y Joan Waugh, must reads.
    Jolly good for you says Barbara and me Ed.

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