November 18, 2009

Well the good news keeps rolling in.  Sort of.  My lung x-ray shows my infection is slowly clearing up.  The doctors say that I might be able to stop getting most of my medicines in the clinic and start taking some at home as early as Friday.  I continue to make progress on all fronts.  Each day I am feeling stronger and more energetic.  I am also eating a little bit more each day and trying to put back on some of the weight I’ve lost.  My counts are doing well on their own.  I stopped Neupogen yesterday and today my white blood cells were 2.5.  As long as they stay above 2 on their own I’ll be looking good.

I am making some progress on my guitar.  I am having trouble getting the F chord.  The instrument itself is hard to play because my new PICC line goes into my right bicep which would normally be rested on the top and front of the guitar.  I am learning to play in an adjusted way and once the line is gone I can start playing normally.  I am slowly getting the transitions between the C, F, and G7 chords and have learned some easy to play songs and riffs from reading tab.  It’s sort of cheating, but it’s nice to be able to play an actual song like “Wish You Were Here.”


3 thoughts on “November 18, 2009

  1. Hola Carey! Como Estas?

    Guitar? That is fantastic! Would you learn Johnny Cash/Ring of Fire for me?

    Hey!, and its great to hear you’ve got some momentum going your way.

    Mucho armor a ti’


  2. Great to hear things are going well Carey. Keep up working on those chords and you will be jamming on lots of songs! Wish you were here is a good one..

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