November 28, 2009

I had my first day off from the clinic on Friday.  It was nice to sleep in and not have to be anywhere.  Lois and John invited the whole family over to their house for a Thanksgiving meal.  We went there and ate lots of delicious turkey, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving staples.  Lois and John’s daughter Anna was there too.  I haven’t seen Anna in probably 10 years so it was nice to see her.  I spent all afternoon at Lois and John’s.  It was alot of fun.  Tom came down from Annapolis.  He is doing well.  It was good to see him.  Fipp is also here.  She had a good time yesterday too.

Today I was back in the clinic.  Progress on my lung infection has kind of plateaued and a lung test showed that my lungs are inflamed, which might be the cause for the slow progress.  I started on prednisone to help with the inflammation and it will help with the GVHD.  I am already beginning to feel some progress in my lungs.  I have tomorrow off from the clinic and there is some talk of me going to 3 days a week in the clinic.  That will be nice.

Finally, congrats to Lydia and Richard on getting married today.


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