December 9, 2009

A day of good news.  First, no bone marrow biopsy today and they don’t think they’ll need to do one for a while.  Second, my white count went to 4.5.  Third, I could be going home as early as Tuesday.  I then had an Ultrasound of my liver and abdomen and got potassium.

After the clinic, I went shopping with Mom and didn’t buy anything.  I then came home and went for a walk and watched some TV.  Yesterday, I spent the day relaxing at home.  I also watched My Boy Jack, a British movie based on the Rudyard Kipling poem.  It starred Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter.  It was a pretty good movie and Daniel Radcliffe was pretty good in a role other than Harry Potter.  The movie seemed based on history more than the Kipling poem.  It explored the relationship between Jack Kipling and his father, Rudyard, Jack’s struggle to join the British Army on the eve of World War I, and his death at the Battle of Loos in 1915.  I found it interesting simply because I didn’t know that Rudyard Kipling lost a son in World War I.  I am off from the clinic tomorrow and Fipp is arriving late.


One thought on “December 9, 2009

  1. Awwlright Carey!

    “…I went shopping with Mom and didn’t buy anything.”

    (Great to hear about going home too…)


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