December 16, 2009

I arrived back here in VA yesterday afternoon.  The drive from Durham was uneventful.  Fipp and I drove together and then she spent the night here before continuing on to her house in New Jersey. 

Today I met with my doctor who will follow me while I am here in VA.  He is in Tyson’s Corner, which is a 20 minute-3 hour drive depending on traffic.  He is part of a small practice that has about 50 BMT patients in various stages of recovery.  He was very personable, chatty almost, and knowledgeable, both traits I like in a doctor.  We did a medical history and drew blood.  My white count was 11.3, which is above the high-end of normal.  I suspect it is artificially high due to the Neupogen shot I received on Monday.  It should drop between now and my appointment next week, but hopefully not too much.  I also suspect that my counts were artificially lower at Duke due to the fact that all my blood was drawn from a central line of some sort.  The main problem with this is the central line also has fluids like saline and heparin injected into them after each use, so some of those fluids could have gotten into my blood samples and watered down the results.  This isn’t an indictment of Duke or anything, but rather just an unfortunate and perhaps overlooked effect of a central line on blood results.

After the trip to the doctor’s, Mom and I ran some errands.  I then ate dinner and watched Good Bye Lenin.  It is a German film about the last days of the GDR and one man’s attempt to preserve the illusion of the GDR for his dying mother.  It was an excellent movie and it reminded me of how much I enjoy contemporary German cinema.


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