December 18, 2009

I walked 2 miles yesterday and again today.  I felt strong during my walk.  The pace was moderate and the route relatively flat, but the fact that I did it twice and felt good both times is a good sign.  I unpacked all of my stuff yesterday and put it all away.  I also read for a while and played guitar.  I am getting better at my chords and have learned a total of 6 so far.  I have also learned to pick though a couple of songs.  I can pick though “Money,” “I Walk the Line,” “Wish You Were Here,” and several other songs.

Today, after my walk, I went to the store with my Mom to finish my Christmas shopping.  We are preparing for a winter storm here, so we also went to the grocery store.  They’re calling for about 10″ of snow.  Unfortunately all of my winter stuff is at the lake.  With the storm arriving, I can’t go all the way down there and get it.  I should be able to get it in a couple of days.  Nothing else to report at the moment.


5 thoughts on “December 18, 2009

  1. Hi Carey

    Hearing you say “I felt strong during my walk” brought tears to my eyes. Its been a long climb already for you. I’m glad you can exult in simply feeling young and “strong” again.
    Stack the milestones one upon another…

    KLA nephew!


  2. Hi Carey, I am an Aussie dad from Canberra Australia and I get a very strong sense that you are one strong dude. Good on you mate for your sense of “today” and what each day brings. Your name “Carey” is from the Gaelic meaning “well loved”. Please read the four gospels in the NAS Bible mate (Matthew Mark Luke and John) to confirm just how much you are loved. Cheers Michael

  3. Hey! That’s fabulous!! Can you get some pictures of the 11.4 you? Love the walking. This weekend you won’t have time for anything but shovelling!!
    Can I say my nephew Kicked Lymphomas Ass yet?

  4. CAREY! I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear the great news that you’re back in VA and doing so well!!! I hope you enjoyed that snow this weekend–we got some (and by “some”, I mean a very slight dusting that only covered our cars and the grass, but hey, it’s snow in VaBeach!!)

    Darcy’s doing very well and missing you all a lot, but we’re taking good care of him–he even has a Christmas stocking! We’ll send pics soon!

    Love you, cousin!


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