December 22, 2009

We got a butt load of snow Friday and Saturday.  It set a single day record and shut down the Federal Government yesterday.  The total in my yard was 20″.  Some places got 2 feet.  It’s going to be a white Christmas, for a while.  It supposed to rain on Christmas Day and that will melt most of the snow.  The snow is still clogging up roads and causing trouble in the area, but my street is clear and I can get to the doctor’s.  It just takes a long time.  So with all this snow needless to say I didn’t do much over the weekend.  I walked my 2 miles each day on the treadmill, which I hate doing.  It’s really boring.  Then I spent the rest of the days reading about triathlons, reading about Henry Kissinger, and playing guitar.  Yesterday Dad and I went to the lake to get a bunch of things that I needed, clothes, winter stuff, my Guitar Hero game, gun and ammo, etc.  You know, the essentials.  That took all day due to lots of traffic on the highways and icy back roads to the lake, and snow of varying degrees of depth in the driveway.  I was bad and didn’t walk yesterday after hauling all that stuff up and down stairs and through the snow.

Today I went to the doctors for a quick check up.  My white count dropped from the 11.4 it was last week to 2.8.  A big drop, but not a big deal.  The doctor wasn’t overly concerned about it and I did not get any Neupogen.  As long as it stays above 2, I’m happy.  I got a new pill to take because the CMV level is creeping back up.  What a pain in the ass.  At least it’s a pill and not an IV and pump to carry around all the freaking time.  After slogging our way up to the doctor, which took forever due to the snow removal and tons of people driving, and slogging back (again taking forever), Mom and I went to the grocery store to get what we needed for Christmas dinner.  I then walked.  I had to walk on the treadmill again today, but I put a small DVD player on the treadmill and watched 24.  That helped entertain me.  Without it, I’m just staring at a blank wall for 40 minutes.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner.  I then had a snack and played guitar for a while.  I am learning my chords and getting much better at the transitions.  I am also learning to play (not just pick) my first song.  If I can get the strumming pattern right, I’ll have it down, except for the solos.  But I’m trying to learn them too.  Sorry for taking so long to update.


2 thoughts on “December 22, 2009

  1. I was just completing the line-ups for the holidays and was thinking how great it would be if you were working. We have lost Wright, Flanagan, Washington and finally, Lattimore. I hope you are doing okay. We missed out on the snow here, but we seem to make up for it with cold rain. Let me know if you ever need anything from down this way. Thanks for the updates. They help us as much as they help you. Take care.

  2. Best wishes for a happy Christmas. A bit chilly here
    around 60-65 but bad news in the north. We leave on the 29th for NYC for a week at our club, will see Carmen new years eve plus several shows. Catching up on the family who I have not seen for 6 months.
    Barbara joins me in sending best wishes for the New Year. Ed

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