January 2, 2010

No, I am not sick, dead, or traveling.  I took a few days off for the holidays.  Sorry for the lack of updates.

I was considering doing the obligatory reflection on 2009 for today’s entry, but this whole blog encompasses the majority of events that I would include.  Hence, such an exercise would be pointless.  I decided instead to look forward, as looking forward is an exercise in optimism.

This year, I have alot to look forward to.  I am still getting stronger each day.  I estimate that I am now operating at 60-75% of capacity.  If I can maintain this level of activity I will be looking and feeling great well ahead of they 1 year mark in September.  My blood counts continue to be stable.  The usual time frame for a full recovery is 1 year and I am in no hurry to have my counts shoot up.  As long as there is a steady upward trend in my counts, I will be happy.  My recovery should be complete (as in normal blood counts all around and maintaining those counts) in September or October.

I look forward to completing a sprint triathlon at Lake Norman in late August.  A sprint triathlon consists of a 700 yard swim, 12-14 mile bike, and 3 mile run.  I begin training for it on Monday by beginning a beginner cycling program designed for couch potatoes.  Training for the triathlon is part of my recovery plan to rebuild my physical strength and it begins by building a good base through cycling.

I look forward to returning to Charlotte in March.  I am searching for a place for Flip and I.  When I find one, you’ll know it.  Along those same lines, I look forward to getting married this year as well.  A date is set and location picked.  But, I am sworn to secrecy until the save the date cards go out, which will happen this week.  I also look forward to returning to work in March or April, depending of the doctor’s approval.  My return will most likely be in a light duty capacity, but it beats being on disability forever.  There will also be some trips to various undetermined locations and more unknown adventures this year.

It should be a good, but busy year.  There are many changes this year.  I hope that 2010 brings all of you success and happiness.


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