January 8, 2010

I went to Duke on Wednesday.  I had a CT scan and then a check up with my doctor down there.  He seems very pleased with how I am recovering.  We discussed my progress since leaving the clinic 3 weeks ago and he was impressed that I was riding about 4 miles a day.  After my appointment was over, I returned home and watched the BCS National Championship.  I was very disappointed because Texas lost.  I would like to think that if Colt McCoy had stayed in the game, it wold have made a difference.  But we’ll never know.  Garrett Gilbert, Texas’s freshman replacement for McCoy, was obviously unprepared for such a responsibility.  But his performance showed a QB who grew throughout the game and has a lot of promise.  I think that come time for the 2010 season he will be a very formidable force for the Longhorns Offense.

Today I went to see Avatar with Tom before he went back to school.  It was an excellent movie.  The 3D special effects left me saying “Woah” which doesn’t happen often in movies.  Parts of the story were a bit tedious and overwrought.  There was also a clear environmental theme to the story, but it was much subtler than that of Happy Feet or some other recent films.  Overall, it lived up to the hype and is one of the few movies that has to be seen in theaters to really appreciate.  James Camron, the writer/director, really knocked this one out of the park and out did his earlier movies.  A feat not easily accomplished when your list of movies includes Titanic, True Lies, Terminator 2, Aliens, and Terminator.  At the end of the movie, I began to feel nauseous and threw up after leaving the theater.  I went to bed when I got home and have been in it ever since fighting nausea and occasionally throwing up.  What a bummer way to end a good day.  I don’t know why I am feeling this way, but I hope it passes soon.  I have a doctor’s appointment Tuesday so maybe he can figure it out.


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