January 18, 2010

Well I am still experiencing stomach upset and accompanying diarrhea.  I think it is still GVHD, but why it’s not responding to the new dose of steroids I’m in is beyond me.  On Thursday I returned to the doctor’s and he put me back on prednisone, which helped somewhat, but my GI tract sounds alternatively like a washing machine and a leaky set of pipes.  It’s been sort of tough to go from feeling so much better to being chained to the house because being caught without a restroom option is out of the question.  I can’t really go to the gym because being on the bike makes my stomach really rumble and shout.  So I walked a short distance today and might do the same tomorrow.  I am eating, not in the same volume, but eating none the less, which is good, and working hard to keep my fluids up.  I return to the doctor’s Thursday and hopefully we can get a better bead on this then.

I haven’t done much over the last couple of days, needless to say.  I played a good amount of guitar and found a good website that offers free online lessons.  I’ve utilized that and it’s fun to see my self improving, but one on one instruction would be the best because some technique stuff I just can’t seem to get down.  Tom was home and it was nice to see him.  We set up my TV in the living room so I have a place to myself to watch TV, play games, and what not.  This week my only real plans are to get to the bottom of this stomach thing and find some tickets for a Red Sox Spring Training game.  A new season of the Sox is almost here and I’m already super excited.


2 thoughts on “January 18, 2010

  1. Carey, white rice, also check out licorice, apple
    juice is good. re Red Sox, when you are here before
    the game roadside sellers offer tickets. On line,
    beware, I paid 120 for a 10 buck ticket. Will advise if I hear of any offers.

  2. Sounds like the body may be saying too much too fast?…boring thought, I know…but you’re an intelligent lad, resourceful, just keep on, Carey, I know you’ll get better eventually. Better to walk where you are in VA than here right now. The ice doesn’t like vertical humans…always trying to slide under foot and WHAM, down ! *circling birds*

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