January 21, 2010

I returned to the doctor’s today for my weekly check up.  My counts were all normal except for my platelets, so that would help explain this resurgent GVHD.  That’s great, it means that white cells, hemoglobin, lymphocytes, monocytes, red blood cells, etc, are all in the range they should be for a normal person.  It looks like my bone marrow is finally beginning to populate enough to really show some improvement.  The doctor said that if things don’t begin to clear up by next week, he’ll run some tests and we can figure out something.  I was very pleased about my counts, but Mom was more interested in if I am IG-A deficient.  The doctor mentioned it in passing, it sounded like it was more curiosity for the sake of a future IVIG transfusion, but it got her all worried.

After the doctor I ate a light lunch because my appetite isn’t what it was due to the GVHD and relaxed for the afternoon.  I read a good amount from Kissinger.  I also got a $30,000 bill from Duke.  It looks like it was a billing mistake on their part, so I contacted them and they’re going to look into it.  I shouldn’t pay nearly that much since my treatment is covered at 100%.  Aside from the great blood count, I really don’t have anything else exciting to add.  Hopefully they’re here to stay.


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