January 28, 2010

I went to the doctor’s yesterday for a regular check up and to get a transfusion of IVIG.  It all went well.  My counts were unchanged from last week.  I spent most of the visit asleep due to the Benadryl they gave me.  I then came home and spent the rest of the day playing guitar and reading.  I also started to develop a mild cold yesterday.  Today  am a bit stuffed up and have a little cough, but all in all I don’t feel that bad.  I’ll monitor it and if it gets worse, I’m going to the doctor anyway.

On Tuesday I went to Dixie Bones, one of the few true BBQ places in this part of Virginia.  It was good, but not nearly as good as some of the places in Charlotte or Durham.  It was good to have some real BBQ though.  I was craving BBQ for the better part of a month.  It is not NC style.  The owners are from Alabama, so they make “Alabama” style pork BBQ.  It’s basically like NC style, but the port isn’t pulled and the sauce isn’t as strong.  They also do Texas style brisket and St. Louis style ribs and chicken, so there is always something for everyone.  I can’t testify as to how good the rest of it is, but the pork is always pretty good.

Today I spent most of the day looking for navy blue suits for the wedding.  For some reason, finding a navy blue suit that isn’t pinstripe or so dark as to look black is impossible.  I am thinking I might just have to go with black suits since they are easier to find and if the navy blue is going to look black, what’s the difference.  We’ll see.  I’ll do some more looking around to see what I can dig up.  I also went for a walk.  I feel like my stomach has cleared up enough that I can walk further, so I did 2 miles.  On Monday I will be back in the gym madly peddling away to make up for the last couple of weeks.  My friend Geoff is coming down this weekend from Baltimore to visit.  No plans as of yet because the weather on Saturday might be a bit snowy, but it will be fun to see him.


3 thoughts on “January 28, 2010

  1. Carey:
    If you hadn’t mentioned Dixie Bones, I would never have seen your site or known of your brave fight. I know you’re not out of the woods yet, but you are setting an example for others to follow.
    Tell your friends in North Carolina I know for a fact that they came to Alabama way back when to learn how to cook barbecue. Unfortunately, they only remembered about half of what it takes.
    Your taste in college teams also demonstrates youthful indiscretion. As you get older, you’ll come to appreciate perfection.
    Roll Tide, Roll.

  2. Carey:

    Try Joseph A Banks or Brooks Brothers if you are looking for a good blue suit. Banks is the best value of the two, while Brooks probably makes the best product.


  3. Erik had the same problem; ended up with black suit.

    Great seeing you on Sunday and we look forward to the wedding in Sept

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