February 3, 2010

I had my weekly check up today.  No change in my counts from last week.  All in all the doctor is pleased with my progress and it appears that the GVHD flare up is gone.  He began my prednisone taper and upped my Cellcept dose.  Hopefully this will prevent GVHD from coming back.  My cold is going away, but is taking forever to do so.  It was never that serious, more of a nuisance.  I went to the gym today also.  I’m back in my biking program and feeling better now that I can be active.  I also played guitar for a while.  I am working on several songs from a lesson site I found.  I am getting pretty good at Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash.  I am still struggling with the solos in Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.  I am also learning Heart of Gold by Neil Young, Horse With No Name by America, For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield, and Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett.  It seems like alot of songs, but they’re all really easy and it’s nice to be able to practice a variety of songs so no one song gets old and I can work on several different skills.

We got another 3 inches of snow last night.  Fortunately it didn’t bring the area to a halt like the storm over the weekend did.  The roads were totally cleared by the time I left for my doctor’s appointment at 9:30.  It was also very warm during the day, so that helped too.  They’re predicting another 6-12 inches at best this Friday and Saturday.  Fortunately I will be in Charlotte by then.  Hopefully they won’t get any there.  The weather is calling for rain for them, so no big deal.  I like the snow, I just don’t want to be driving all the way to NC in a snow storm.

I am off to Charlotte tomorrow morning.  I plan to look at places to live and see some friends.  I have about 10 places to see and I would like to narrow it down to 3 and hopefully make a decision by next week on one.  I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to update over the weekend, so keep an eye out for another post early next week.


4 thoughts on “February 3, 2010

  1. Hey!?!?! What’s up with not stopping by the office while u were here? Or did I miss u? I hope the apt hunting went well. We miss u. Glad to hear your starting to feel better.

  2. Horse with no name, read the lyrics, a warning
    about bad drugs, cut with powder,flour, etc.
    curious about your take. Circa 1972..was a concern
    in medical circles.
    Regards, Ed

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