February 19, 2010

Well, after being released from the hospital last Thursday, I went home and had a good afternoon.  Then about 6pm the bottom dropped out.  I had massive amounts of diarrhea and vomiting.  I also spiked another fever.  I asked to be taken back to the hospital around 9pm and promptly lost consciousness.  I was transported by ambulance to the local hospital, where I was treated for severe dehydration and blood loss due to my diarrhea turning from stool to blood.  After an overnight in the ER to get stabilized, I was then taken by chopper back to Inova Fairfax Hospital and placed in the Cardiac ICU due to the strain that my heart underwent the night before.

I spent the weekend in the ICU and became stronger.  Fipp flew up Saturday morning to be with me.  It was good to have her there over the weekend.  On Monday I had to under go prep for a colonoscopy and endoscopy, which was not fun, especially considering I was still having the diarrhea.  The scopes went fine and I felt very hungry.  I began to eat solid food for the first time in several days.  The results of the scope showed GVHD of the gut along with some ulcerations and erosions in and around the various parts of the colon.  I also tested positive for Campylobacter.  It is a food borne illness that could have contributed in part to the massive diarrhea and vomiting.  So now that the docs have an idea of what they are dealing with, they can better treat me.  I am receiving antibiotics for the Campylobacter, steroids for the GVHD, and a new medicine might be added to help treat the GVHD.  I have been eating as best I can, but it is still not the same volume that I was in taking.  My stools have yet to firm up, they’re still loose and watery, but hopefully that will happen soon now that I am eating.  The docs seem to think that I will be out of here sometime next week.  There is nothing I would like more than to be out of here sooner rather than later.  I am getting so bored sitting around the hospital room watching Olympics, sleeping, and shitting my brains out.  Hopefully this thing will be under control and treated so I can get on with my life.

I always said that my big hurdle would be transplant.  For many folks it’s chemo or radiation, but for me it’s definitely been the transplant and recovery.  I still feel strong and positive.  The recovery for me is taking a little longer than I thought.


4 thoughts on “February 19, 2010

  1. The chopper ride would have made me sick all by itself…

    Hang tuff Carey. Every day is a day farther along your recovery road. Maybe this (pointing up to your last post) is not the road surface we all had hoped for, but it is a finite road. Walk on nephew. We are all walking right there beside you!


    Uncle Joshua

  2. Carey, I’m so sorry to hear how rough things have been lately!!! Trust me, I feel your pain (to a degree). Last week I was in the hospital for severe abdominal pain and nausea. I had to drink that nasty “Go lightly” shit for a colonoscopy (the LAST thing in the world that you want to drink…when you’re already puking). All the needles, and blood thinners, and restless nights of watching local news, Olympics, and QVC (hospital channels suck)…was enough to make me go crazy. I was BEGGING to go home. Not to mention, no one would let me eat…for days. I kept picturing everyone as giant burritos. Fortunately, I only have colitis. So, all that to say, I’m thinking about you and hoping you get stronger everyday. I hope those nurses aren’t crotchety and force you to take blood thinner shots in the stomach…those really suck. I hope they discharge you promptly and you can return to the comfort of your own home and into the arms of your sweet lady. Love and miss you. 🙂

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