March 1, 2010

I’m still in the hospital.  I haven’t seen the doctor yet today, but I am hoping he will agree with me about going home today or tomorrow.  I feel alot better today than I did last week.  I feel like I’ve been improving the entire weekend.  Flip left last night to go back to Columbia.  I was sad to see her go, but she’ll be back for a week on Sunday, so that’s nice.  If I’m not out of here by then, I’m going to be mad.  I don’t really have much else to report since the doctor hasn’t been in yet.  I’m still having dreams about BBQ.  I am not sure if that is good or bad, but it’s delicious.


4 thoughts on “March 1, 2010

  1. Carey,
    Sounds like you are out of the ditch and back on the road, so to speak. I hope you get home this week. That WOULD be awesome.
    love, Aunt Ashley

  2. Carey

    When you get out and settled why not come out to Colorado and let me take you and Flip whitewater rafting. I mean, what else have yah got going on?? (just kidding)

    Serious about the offer though… its open ended.
    Uncle Joshua

  3. Hey dreaming about BBQ is a good sign I say. Even though I’m a yankee I know there are different kinds according to where you get it. What kind do you like best? I really hope you are out of there and eating it SOON!
    Love you, Laurie

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