March 3, 2010

Well it looks like the earliest I’ll be out of here is Monday.  The docs want to ensure that I am getting my meds in full and that they are working.  This is getting old.  The docs also said that there is a medicine that can help, but they’re not sure if they want to use it if they don’t have to.  I say let’s do it.  If it works as well as the literature says it does, it makes more sense to do it so I can have my life back.

On the flip side, I finished my apartment application today and sent it in.  They have some apartments available, and with a deposit, they’ll hold one for me.  So that’s good news.  It’s a burden off my shoulders knowing that I pretty much have a place to live.  My projected move in date is March 15.  I just need to figure out a time to see the actual unit prior to move in.  They want me down there this week, but that’s just not going to happen.  Maybe I can get down next week to see the unit and sign a lease.

That sums up pretty much everything that happened today.  Tomorrow will probably be more of the same.


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