March 5, 2010

It still looks like Monday is the earliest I can leave the hospital.  The doctors are going to put me on oral prograf on Saturday.  They want to make sure that my body is absorbing the full amount before releasing me.  They also want to be sure that the pooping is under control.  The doctors are leaning towards starting me on remicade to treat the GVHD.  I want them to start it because it sounds like it will go along way in helping my other symptoms and give me my life back.  I spoke with my doctor at Duke today and he is on board with using it and said that everything that is being done here is the same as what they would do at Duke.  So that made me feel better.  I just wish I could get out now.  I am tired of being cooped up in the hospital.

Yesterday Mom brought some BBQ from Dixie Bones.  It was smokey and delicious.  I didn’t get to put any sauce on it since the sauce would probably make my GI symptoms worse for a little.  It was a great change from the drag of hospital food, which consists mostly of over cooked rubber chicken or over cooked rubber turkey.  Today Mom brought a small steak for lunch.  That was also very good.  I ate most of it.  I spent the rest of the day watching Sons of Anarchy on the internet.  Sons of Anarchy is a show on the FX channel on regular TV.  It’s about a biker gang in a small town in California that is trying to protect its turf from encroaching white supremacists, drug dealers, Mexican gangs, and suburban development.  I don’t think it’s very accurate in its portrayal of biker gangs, but it makes for good entertainment.  Sort of like the Sopranos, but with more action, fewer mental health issues, and the Hell’s Angles instead of New Jersey mobsters.


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