March 8, 2010

I am not getting out today.  Boo.  The docs are starting me on Remicade for the GVHD and want to keep me until Wednesday to see how I respond.  They also want to get my Prograf level up a little more.  I am taking all of my pills by mouth now, so the docs want to be absolutely sure that I am absorbing all of them before sending me home.  They are playing it really safe.  I am happy they are starting me on the Remicade.  I’ve been pushing for it for over a week.  It should help alot in stopping any damage to my GI tract and give me the ability to live a more normal life.  I am looking forward to getting some normalcy back.

The weekend was fairly uneventful.  Dad came to visit on Saturday.  Tom, Shannon, and Fipp came on Sunday.  It was nice to see Tom and Shannon.  Fipp is here for her spring break, so we will get a week together.  It will be very nice to spend so much tie with her.  I just wish I was getting out today so we could do more than sit in the hospital.  Our original plan was to visit Fipp’s grandparents in Florida this week, but sadly we had to cancel because of my hospitalization.  Hopefully we will get a chance to get down there soon.  I don’t have anything else new to report.  Hopefully the new drugs will help out.  I’ll update tomorrow and let everyone know how it went.


One thought on “March 8, 2010

  1. Maybe this is your chance to invent the game/blog “100 things about Fairfax Hospital you never knew you needed to know.” You must be an absolute treasure box of insider information by now!
    OTOH, I want what you want–for you to be back out here slogging through with the rest of us.
    love you and healthy healthy,
    Aunt Ashley

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