March 27, 2010

Alot has happened in the last 10 days.  I came down to Duke last Thursday for a regular check up.  I received my medicines in the clinic and went back to my hotel room.  Friday morning I woke up early with a fever of 102, stomach pain, tenderness and bloating in my abdomen, and vomiting.  I was promptly admitted to the hospital, where I’ve been since.  I feel a whole world better than I did last Friday.  The problem appears that I was not absorbing my medicines orally and that allowed the GVHD to flare back up.  I am receiving my meds through IV now and am also on IV nutrition to get my electrolytes back up to normal and improve my overall health.  I had a new line installed in my clavicle on Thursday because the lines in my arms had clotted up.  The new line is performing well, but is still a bit tender and sore.  The doctors think I’ll be able to get out tomorrow.  But even when I am released, I’ll stay here in Durham and finish my treatment here.  I feel that Duke is better equipped to handle complicated cases.  I like the doctors here better, and it helps that they know me and my case pretty well.  I also feel better about the facility.  There is an entire hospital ward specifically for in patient bone marrow transplant patients.  In addition, the outpatient clinic has more capabilities than the one in VA.  I am eating well.  I feel like I can eat anything, but unfortunately I still have to be on the bland diet so no Papa John’s pizza or full BBQ quite yet.

Fipp is here and brought Mike’s Deli.  It was delicious as always.  I had a plain half 6, that’s an Italian, for those not familiar with Mike’s.  We are just hanging out today.  I am looking forward to getting out.  Once I am out I will stay in a local hotel that has a special rate for Duke Hospital patients.  I will stay in Durham as long as the doctors want me to.  I didn’t plan on spending more than 24 hours here in Durham so I didn’t pack my computer or anything, so that is why there have not been any updates in a while.  That will change since Mom went home this weekend and will be back with my computer and some other essentials.


5 thoughts on “March 27, 2010

  1. Hi Carey – sorry to hear you’ve had a rough period 😦
    “I feel like I can eat anything” – ha ha – that can be a risky feeling – when I feel like that I usually try something new and end up with a stomach upset!
    I hope you get out of hospital tomorrow or real soon anyway 🙂
    Cheers from South Australia – Ed.

  2. Sorry about all the ups and downs Cary. But I guess that is to be expected. Hang in there buddy. We continue to pray for your speedy recovery and hope to see you back at work one of these days soon!

  3. Carey, sounds like you have made some good decisions about your care. Go with the best, especially when it comes to your health- that’s gotta be a smart choice. Glad you can stay on top of things – you really amaze me and your story is becoming epically INSPIRING. Say Hi to Alex for me, and love to you both,

  4. Stay strong big man. It sure has been some time- next occasion I am in the Carolinas it would be grand if you could berate me in person and call me a puss.

    Keep fighting the good fight brother


  5. Sooo good to hear you are improving and living where those smart doctors can help you!

    Aunt Joyce in Carefree, AZ

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