April 18, 2010

Well after about 48 hours of freedom I went back into the hospital Wednesday with a fever and some abdominal pain and vomiting.  Thanks to all of these fun things I was completely drugged out all day and slept for about 20 hours.   I started to feel alot better Thursday and Friday.  The doctors wanted to put me in the hospital to try to get me in for a PET scan on Friday, but the PET scan department was booked solid so it will be Monday before I get my scan.  The idea behind the scan is to see if there are any other infections or anything else going on in other parts of my body that might have been missed.  They also put me on an antibiotic called Zosyn and are going to keep me on it for a while.  It is the only antibiotic that seems to be affecting the cycle of fever, chills, and GI symptoms.  Since the only reason I am in the hospital is because they wanted to fast track me for a scan, I am getting out today.  Fipp is visiting this weekend and it’s nice to see her after not getting to see her last week.


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