May 19, 2010

Fipp came back this weekend. Mom wen home to finish some last-minute things for Tom’s graduation. Fipp and I had a good time. We made dinner on Friday and finished the second Lord of the Rings. We also saw Iron Man 2. It was a very good sequel. Mickey Rouke played a great bad guy and Sam Rockwell was excellent playing the super nerdy and utterly inept head of Hammer Weapons. I didn’t need much in the way of electrolytes on Saturday or Sunday and I didn’t run a fever for four days. On Sunday Fipp and I were invited to Lois and John’s house for dinner. We had chicken pot pie and crepes for dessert. After dinner we went home and went to bed. I began to run a fever early Monday morning and it didn’t really get better during the day. I felt nauseous and threw up and had some stomach pain. I spent most of the day dozing and trying to beat the fever. The fever finally broke during the night Monday night. I’ve been feeling fine ever since. I felt more energetic today than I have in several days and my counts looked pretty good. I was in the clinic for about 4 hours today and only needed 1 bag each of potassium and magnesium. The doctors are going to cut some of my medicines early next week and put me back on the oral prograf. That will mean no more carrying my satchel with the little IV pump in it. It will be good to get rid of it and not be tethered all the time. Fipp had to leave yesterday to go to another training thing for her job. She also moves into her new apartment this weekend, so I will be on my own for a couple of days. She’ll be back on Monday to spend the rest of next week with me. That will be exciting.


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