May 27, 2010

Fipp and I have been having a great time. We went to Hog Heaven BBQ on Monday and it was pretty good. We made dinner Tuesday and Wednesday. My time in the clinic has been reduced thanks to the docs reducing my meds. My bone marrow biopsy results are back. I’m more than 98% engrafted which is great. There was a small (about 2%) population of monoclonal T-cells. It is unclear if this is due to the cancer coming back or the cells are trying to fight an infection somewhere. The docs said they aren’t too concerned about it and that it is most likely due to the cells fighting a small infection somewhere. They are comparing the cells to the cells that were collected in previous bone marrow biopsies and lymph node biopsies to be sue that it is not the cancer, but it sounded like infection fighting was the most likely explanation. Other than that, there isn’t much news on the medical front.

For the rest of the week Fipp and I are planning on going to a show at the Morehead Planetarium at UNC later in the week and we might go to Elon and walk around. It always changes so much it will be neat to see what’s new. We also might check out another BBQ place later in the week. We’re just playing it by ear and seeing how I feel before we make firm plans. Tom is graduating tomorrow. I wish I could be there and could see everyone whose come in from out-of-town for the ceremony, but I just couldn’t get the time away from the clinic and the trip alone could cause me another set back.


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