June 9, 2010

It’s been a while since I updated here and I apologize. The last week has gone very well. My GI symptoms are showing signs of improvement and my antibiotics are finished. I’ve been much better since stopping the antibiotics. I haven’t had a fever in a little over a week and I appear to be absorbing a lot of my medicines. My potassium is up, as is my weight and my counts are trending up, albeit slowly. There is still no word on the final tests from my bone marrow biopsy. All in all though, I feel like I am doing very well. I’ve also made some big progress on my physical therapy and the therapist said that she didn’t need to see me for 2 weeks. This is great. I am still exercising on my own, but feel much stronger and more energetic than a few weeks ago. I notice a big difference going up and down stairs and getting out of chairs, cars, and out of bed.

I was on my own for a few days last week. It was nice to be able to feel independent again. Fipp came up over the weekend and I was given off from the clinic. We spent the entire weekend making our wedding registry, which was very tiring and time-consuming. We put a big dent in it and will finish it this weekend. We also looked at wedding bands. I found one that I liked and was affordable, but Fipp’s is a little harder due to the fact that her ring is custom-made. We found a few possibilities, but will continue to look for something that is as close to perfect as possible. We also celebrated Fipp’s birthday on Saturday. She’d been bugging me to get her a stuffed bear for a while, so I took her to Build a Bear and she picked one out and had it stuffed and dressed it up and all that. We also went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. It was a very nice day, despite being tired out from the wedding stuff. Mom is leaving tomorrow and I will be on my own until Friday. I am back in the clinic tomorrow and possibly Friday. We’ll see what the docs want to do. That covers most everything for the last week or so. I’ll try to be better about updating over the next few days. It should be easier now that I am off some of the meds and am feeling better.


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