June 15, 2010

The weekend was very busy. Fipp and I drove to Charlotte on Saturday to look at weddings at Karat Patch. We found a ring for me and my jeweler there said that she thought she could have a ring made for Fipp that would match her engagement ring perfectly and still be within out budget. That was great news and now we’re just waiting on the estimate to come back. We also looked for shoes for me, but didn’t find anything. We also met up with J and watched the US and England play in the World Cup. It was good to see him. I was surprised when he said he hadn’t received his save the date, so I sent him another one. If anyone else didn’t get a save the date let me know, they should have arrived in late December or early January. After spending most of the day in Charlotte, we drove back to Durham and got in about 9 pm. It was alot of driving and even as a passenger, i still get tired when i ride in a car for long time. I was very tired and went straight to bed. I ran a fever that night but some Tylenol and ice packs brought it down.

On Sunday I was in the clinic and they started me back on some antibiotics, just to be on the safe side. Today should be the last day of that. I haven’t had a fever since. Sunday was spent mostly in the clinic. The good thing is I didn’t need that much in the way of electrolytes on Sunday.

Monday was uneventful. I was out of the clinic by noon because I didn’t need any electrolytes and so all I got was my antibiotics. I did some grocery shopping and went to dinner with Liz and her husband Mike. I spent the rest of the day watching TV and relaxing. I watched Italy play Paraguay to a tie. It was a disappointing performance by Italy. They won the World Cup in 2006 and were second in 2002, so I expected a more energetic and dominant performance. The antibiotics make me very tired for some reason, so after the grocery store, I felt pretty whipped.

Today I am getting what should be my final dose of antibiotics. I’m also getting IVIG and possibly electrolytes, though if the last couple of days are any indication, I shouldn’t need very much. It will be a long day in the clinic because the IVIG takes a long time to infuse. I feel good today, just tired. After the clinic, I’m going to hang out around the house and take it easy.


3 thoughts on “June 15, 2010

  1. Good to hear you’ve been so active Carey – not surprising you get tired sometimes and need extra goodies from the clinic.
    Phipp sounds like such a lovely gal!
    Cheers and cherries – Ed

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