July 19, 2010

I spent the last few days in Columbia.  Well, first I guess that I should start with Wednesday.  I went in to the clinic for a blood test and most of my numbers were in the normal range.  White cells, potassium, albumin, protein, and several others that are usually low were normal.  This was very encouraging.  My magnesium was also up thanks to a magnesium supplement I’ve been taking.  I don’t have to be back at the clinic until next Wednesday.  I was also started on Septra to guard against possible infection.

I then left from the clinic to go to Columbia.  I took my time getting down there because Fipp works during the day so there was no need to rush.  I had a late lunch at Jimmy’s BBQ in Lexington.  I’ve learned that Yelp can be helpful if you’re looking for non-niche foods, but when it comes to BBQ (arguably a niche food) there are too many neophytes and Yankees who don’t know anything about BBQ either panning or singing the praises of the new-found food to make Yelp reliable.  So I ditched Yelp for my BBQ info and went straight to the source, Bob Garner’s Guide to NC BBQ.  He didn’t steer me wrong.  The BBQ was moist and tender with a slight smokiness that gives the meat the right touch of flavor.  Rumor has it that Jimmy’s uses a gas cooker now, but according to Bob Garner, they still use Hickory.  I didn’t smell the Hickory, but I could taste it.  The sweet tea was perfectly sweetened.  The sauce was different from what I tend towards which is Eastern Style (think vinegar based).  Instead they use Lexington Style (also called Piedmont or Western) dip.  The difference is Lexington Style has some tomato paste or ketchup in a vinegar based sauce.  Anyway back to the food at Jimmy’s.  The dip was excellent.  It is placed on the meat before serving and you can add some more if you like along with a house hot sauce.  The combination of dip and hot sauce gives the meat a slight kick that isn’t overwhelming.  As I’m not as well versed in Lexington Style dip, I will refrain from saying that Jimmy’s is the best out there, but I will say that overall this BBQ was some of the best I’ve ever had.  I even ventured out and tried their slaw.  I normally hate slaw (too much mayo or cabbage or both), but this slaw was red vinegar slaw and tasted very good.  I actually liked it and ate about a quarter of my serving, which is saying something.  According to Bob, their fried chicken (only made Thursday-Saturday) is out of this world good as are their breakfasts so I think I’ll be heading back there several times.

After lunch was over, I continued on to Columbia.  Fipp and I had a low-key couple of days, then we went to Charlotte where she had scheduled 3 cake tastings starting at 9am.  The first place we went had good cake, but it was a bit dry and crumbly.  Their fillings and frosting were excellent though.  At the second place they only do pound cake, which disappointed me a little since I want something a little smoother and more refined.  Their fillings and frosting was the best though.  The third place had the best cake and their fillings and frostings were good, but didn’t compare to the second.  So Fipp and I decided to hold off on making a choice and we are going to try one more place next weekend then make our decision.  The artistic quality of the cakes and presentation at each place is fantastic so I’m not worried about having a sorry-looking cake, it’s more a matter of who has the best tasting cake and frosting.  After eating lots of sugar and cake we went to my favorite BBQ restaurant Bill Spoon’s.  As always it was fantastic.  I had Brunswick Stew instead of my usual BBQ Potatoes.  I like Brunswick Stew but it’s still way to hot out for stew.  We then went to Karat Patch to see our wedding rings.  They came out beautifully.  Fipp’s ring fits her engagement ring perfectly.  My ring is still the same.  We paid for the rings and decided to get Genesis 31-49 engraved in them.  To get them engraved we had to leave them.  We will pick them up next weekend when we are there.  Finally we met up with J for dinner.  We went to Bricktop’s for Charlotte Restaurant Week.  It was a very good restaurant.  The atmosphere is relaxed.  I ordered the Fillet.  It was very big for a Fillet.  It was very tender and lightly seasoned.  I also had the side salad and shrimp cocktail.  The salad wasn’t anything special and the cocktail was good.  The shrimps were very plump and fresh.  After dinner was over, Fipp and I headed back to Columbia.  It was a very busy day.

On Sunday, Fipp and I took it easy.  We were both exhausted from Saturday’s activities.  We went to see Inception. It was very good, but I thought it was slightly predictable and didn’t suspend reality enough to make it truly mind-blowing like 2001 did.  I’ll refrain from discussing the movie too much in case you decide to see it.  Also, my criticism of the movie is best summed up in the article linked above, so I’ll let it speak for me.

I came back to Durham today.  The trip back was uneventful.  This week I’ll be working on packing up my things in preparation for my move to Columbia.  Other than that, I don’t really have anything happening this week.  So it’s going to be another boring week in the Bull City.


2 thoughts on “July 19, 2010

  1. Carey, enjoyed your tract on barbecue. For many years I bought timber in the rural south,however
    although I was taken to many barbecue places
    with the promise that (this is the best in …fill in the state of……) I found they always had a grilled cheese.
    Glad you are doing so well. We are in England untilll the end of July, seeing family and friends and some good theater.
    Look fwd to seeing you and Alex.
    Best wishes from Ed and Barbara

  2. I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile, but I still follow your blog regularly. I’m thrilled to hear how well you are doing and I’m glad the wedding plans are coming together. We are all looking forward to your return to work!!!

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