August 4, 2010

Well I’m finally settled in Columbia. The move it self was a mini disaster. About three weeks ago I made a reservation with U-Haul to have a truck Saturday morning. Well it turns out U-Haul doesn’t do reservations they only do requests for a reservation. So Friday rolled around and I hadn’t heard anything from U-Haul so I contacted them. They said the earliest I could get a truck was Monday. This pissed me off. Apparently there was nothing available in the entire Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. So I started calling every U-Haul in the state. I found a truck in Sanford NC which is about an hour and change from Durham. They said that the truck would be ready at 11am. So I had to get up early and drive an additional 2 hours to get the truck. And because the truck wast available until 11, I had to find two other people to help me move since Liz and Mike were working on their own move at that point. I was able to rustle up a fraternity brother and another friend who lives in Elon to help out. We got everything loaded and I was on the road by 3, a full 4 hours after I had planned on leaving. I also had to scramble to find a replacement for one of my helpers in Charlotte since with the later arrival time he had to go into work. I got another Elon friend to help out on that end, but it was very stressful having to put everything back together at the last minute. We unloaded everything in Charlotte and continued on to Columbia. Fipp and I were so tired that we didn’t unload anything until Sunday. On Sunday we unloaded the last of my stuff and returned the truck. I was beat and spent the rest of Sunday and all of Monday resting in the apartment. On Tuesday I rested and did some wedding stuff. Fipp and I then drove to Charlotte to pick up her car, which she had left at the train station. All my stuff is now organized in the apartment and I’m settled in. It’s nice to finally be done with the move and feel like I’m a real adult again. My next doctor’s appointment is Monday with my oncologist in Charlotte. Aside from that, I don’t have any plans for the next few days.


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