August 13, 2010

I’ve decided to spend most of the week in Charlotte, per my original plan. It was good spending time with Mom and Dad. Dad was in town for a conference for work and Mom came with him. Mom and I spent most of the day Tuesday looking for a dress for her for the wedding. Why she isn’t happy with the one of the ones she’s got is beyond me, but she still wants to look. So we did that. On Wednesday we went to Bill Spoon’s for some BBQ. It was awesome as always. Then we saw a movie. I was very tired Wednesday so it was good to take the afternoon and just relax with some mindless entertainment. I felt refreshed after the movie. We then went back to the hotel and I relaxed some more before I met J for dinner at Mac’s, a local biker bar and BBQ restaurant. I like Mac’s and will always go back, but I won’t post a review here quite yet since it’s been a while since I got their BBQ and any good reviewer will go at least twice before passing judgement on a place. It was good seeing J and catching up. He is one of my groomsmen and since I got sick we haven’t been able to hang out as much as I would like. But now that I’m in Charlotte more often, it’s easier to meet up.

Mom and Dad left today, they stopped in Durham to see Lois and John. I spent the day killing time at vintage clothing stores in Charlotte and exploring NODA, the local arts district, and the area around Plaza-Midwood. I don’t usually go to that part of town because it’s sort of out of the way, but I’m glad I know what’s over there now. I found some good vintage stuff, but didn’t buy anything because I just don’t have the money. Tonight, Fipp and I are tasting food for the wedding and we’ll make the menu over the next few days. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have and what we like. It’s going to be fun. And I’m real hungry right now because I skipped lunch. I’ll head back to Columbia tonight after the shindig. It’ll be nice to get back to my new temporary residence. That’s about it for now. I have another doctor’s appointment on Monday so I’ll let y’all know how that goes.


4 thoughts on “August 13, 2010

  1. Congratulations on being settled in Columbia 🙂
    You have my sympathies about removalists (rolleyes) – grrrrrrr!
    Well done for overcoming all the considerable difficulties along the way!

  2. Hi Carey, Thanks for your updates! It’s really wonderful to hear about your wedding plans coming together. Your mom is just enjoying the FULL experience of being Mother of the Groom! She tried on several dresses/suits here, too. They ALL looked fabulous! She sure is having fun looking for the perfect dress! Hello to all! Love, Aunt Daphne

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