August 18, 2010

I know a lot of you might think you’re on glue or mushrooms, but you’re not. There was a post on August 10, but due to a bug on WordPress’s end and subsequent fix, it was permanently deleted. I’ve tried to recover it, but without success. I was lucky enough to recover the post for August 4th and it was reposted. I’d apologize, but it’s not my fault and I don’t think there was much important info in it anyway. Now on to other agenda items…

I had a doctor’s visit in Charlotte on Monday. It went well, it was a short visit. My labs were virtually unchanged from the week before. My counts continue to hover at the low end of normal, with the exception of the platelets and hemoglobin. My electrolytes look pretty good. The magnesium is still low, but unchanged from a week ago as well. Overall, my health is good, no issues except for an intermittent, unproductive cough. It is there for a little bit one day then is gone for a few days then comes back. When it’s there I might cough a dozen times through out the day but that’s it. It’s pretty odd. I told Dr. Favaro about it and he had me get a chest x-ray. That was clear and my lungs sounded clear to him. There are no other symptoms like fever, pain, nausea, or anything else. He said sometimes in BMT patients the chemo and transplant can produce a cough similar to what I’m describing. He said it can come and go and there’s really no explanation for it but he wants me to talk about it with Dr. Horwitz when I see him at Duke next week.

Aside from that, I’ve been keeping busy with wedding planning. We’re in the logistics stage, which means that we have to make up the seating chart and all that fun stuff. Fipp and I also went to see a movie on Monday night. We decided to take a break from the usual routine and that was much needed. We saw “Dinner for Schmucks.” It was very funny and starred one of my favorite actors, Paul Rudd. It had some wildly funny moments and was full of quirky characters. At times watching Paul Rudd’s character go through the trials of the story was like watching a train wreck which only made the movie funnier. I don’t want to give away too much, but I would highly recommend it. Yesterday I made fish tacos from a recipe I found on Epicurious. They came out pretty well considering it was the first time I’d attempted fish tacos. I fried the fish my self, which was a learning experience. I don’t fry my own food very often, maybe twice a year at most, so as a result the frying part took a while and resulted in some fish getting thrown out. The first two pieces of fish were ruined, the oil wasn’t hot enough to fry them properly, but I quickly learned and we had four nice pieces of fish by the end. I also made a Baja cream sauce. It was a bit bland and I think some chipolte seasoning would spice it up nicely. All in all though, I was happy with the meal and would make it again.

I don’t have plans for the rest of the week. I need to find some Patak’s sauce for a chicken recipe I like and I’m also picking up Fipp’s mom from the airport on Friday. Finding Patak’s has been impossible down here. I guess that there aren’t that many Indian people in Columbia. In Charlotte I can get it at almost every grocery store and even there the Indian population is pretty small. Hopefully Earth Fare will have it. They tend to have lots of organic and specialty foods.


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