September 1, 2010

Where to start? Let’s see…I went to Duke last week for a regular follow up with Dr. Horwitz. They seemed pleased with my progress overall. My counts were down slightly from earlier in the week, but they looked at the trend for the year land said it fit within the trend so they weren’t too concerned. They also cut one of my meds back and eliminated 2 others totally. They cut out the aldactone and sirolimus. Aldactone is a diuretic and sirolimus is an immunosupresant. My dose of entocourt was reduced from 9mg to 6mg. Everything else remains the same. It’s good to finally be cutting back on some of these meds. Overall though, the number of pills I take a day was only reduced by 2, which means on a typical day I still take about 20 pills. It’s a small victory.

Aside from the doctors visits, which seem to happen all the time, I’ve been working hard with Fipp on the wedding. We’re making the final push to finish everything. Our DJ was changed from Steve to Vinny. It turns out that the DJ company had made a mistake assigning Steve to us because he had already been booked that day, so they gave us Vinny instead. This is actually a good thing because Vinny not only is the founder of the DJ company, but one of the top wedding and event DJs in the country. And they’re doing this for us at no extra cost to make up for the fact they made a mistake to begin with. So it’s a little frustrating that a mistake was made, but in the end it’s to our benefit.

Over the weekend Fipp and I went to a friend’s birthday party. She planned a camping weekend at the Congaree National Park. The Congaree National Park is about 30 mins from Columbia and is the largest area of old growth hardwoods in North America. It’s pretty cool because it has 2 or 3 distinct ecosystems within the park. There’s the old growth forest, swamp, and then sandhills. Sandhills is a term used to describe the ancient shore line which runs through the middle of North and South Carolina. The soil is very sandy and the vegetation is similar to what you’d find along the coast. The reason for this is the Atlantic Ocean covered most of Eastern North and South Carolina about 10,000 years ago, so where Columbia and Fayetteville are now would have been beach front then. Were were in the sandhills part of the park. Fipp and I didn’t spend the night. We just went for the afternoon and evening. It was fun and a very pretty park. It reminded me of Seashore State Park in Virginia Beach.

This week is a big week at USC. Thursday is the home opener for the football team. It’s the nationally televised game that night too. Fipp and I are going to tailgate then go to the game. It should be a lot of fun. I picked up a cheap bowtie and learned to tie it. I should fit in with the Gamecock faithful and look disgustingly preppy. Going to football games here is alot of fun. It’s very different from Elon because there is a lot of school sprirt, especially so because this is an SEC school. I love college football and even though I don’t really care for USC I still have a good time. It’s fun to get the big school football experience without having to go here. Waiting for the season to start has been like waiting for Christmas. I’m so excited for the season in general that I’m really glad it’s only 24 more hours until kickoff.


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