December 7, 2010

I’ve finally moved back to Charlotte. I found a nice little apartment in the Southpark area. The apartment is a new 1 bedroom. It’s roomy and has a large kitchen. The complex also has a nice pool and gym. I used the gym last week, but over did it and was very sore for a few days afterwards. I moved in about 2 weeks ago. It went much smoother than the move in July.

Fipp helped me move in. After we got all my stuffed moved into the apartment, we went to my parent’s house in VA. We did Thanksgiving at my brother’s fiancee’s house. Her parents made 2 fried turkeys, a smoked turkey, and a smoked pork shoulder. The food was excellent. I really liked the smoked turkey. Alex and I also bought some things from our registry. We came back on Sunday.

I spent last week here in Charlotte unpacking and preparing for starting work. Alex came up this weekend and helped me unpack. Almost everything is unpacked, and having Fipp here helped a lot. We spent Saturday unpacking. On Sunday we went shopping for some new work pants for me. I needed them because I’ve managed to gain a little too much weight and the old ones didn’t fit.

I started work yesterday. Everyone seemed happy to see me. I spent most of yesterday and today catching up on things that I could only get done at work. I had to contact some people to regain access to most of the computer systems and programs I need to work. It seemed like everyone was happy to see me. I was also told by HR they might move me to another assignment. I am not happy about this. They had a month to let me know I would be working somewhere else and didn’t. And Independence could use someone else in the office. It would free up another officer to do something I can’t.

My health is doing well. I had a cold over Thanksgiving and now it’s begun to feel like a sinus infection. The doctor gave me some Augmentin. It should clear up in a couple of days. My counts are doing very well though. My platelet count is higher than it’s ever been, but it’s still not normal. My white cell count is also in the normal range. My electrolytes are all in the normal range too.


2 thoughts on “December 7, 2010

  1. Great to read your update, Carey! Glad the first day of work went well, and look forward to reading your stories from the new assignment.

  2. I wanted to get in contact with you on behalf of CanTeen’s Now What website. ( A website which has been designed by young people, for young people living with cancer. I came across your blog and thought I had to get in contact with you to request if you would share your story with the Now What community. You can do this by either replying to this email with it attached, or submitting it via the online story submission form on the website here:

    Your story is definitely an empowering one and we would love for you to share it on Now What with other young people. Even if you simply want to give me permission to republish a post on your blog about your cancer experience, I would be very grateful.

    A published paper on the impact of accessing cancer-related stories on the internet by people affected by cancer concluded that ‘writing about personally upsetting experiences-like having cancer-can lead to significant health imporovements. Illness stories are not only beneficial for writers, we think, but also for readers who are in the same situation, fellow patients. They can use writers’ illness stories as examples for repairing the life story.’

    It’s this, plus the many other research findings on cancer-related stories that confirm how important the story section of our website is to providing support to young people.

    Thanks for sharing your story online, and I hope we can share your story on Now What too. Of course, we could put a link to your blog at the end of it so people can keep updated etc.

    Best regards,

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