May 2, 2011

Well I’m coming up on my move date. Alex was in town last week and we got all my stuff packed up. I didn’t have all that much, so that was good. Everything was neatly put in boxes. This week my Mom came down to visit and we took a couple of car loads of boxes down to Columbia. All the remains now are the things I need for the next few days and the larger items that couldn’t fit in the car. It’s stressful having so much to get done. I have all the arrangements made, and the move on Saturday shouldn’t take too long. But I don’t like the uncertainty and waiting to implement my plan. All I want to do is rest, recover, and feel like imm settled and have some breathing room. Right now I don’t feel like I have that.

Fair warning…I want to rant right now. And I was going to, but the news of bin Laden’s taking a couple of 5.56 rounds to the head kind of made me feel a bit better. But there might be one coming soon.


2 thoughts on “May 2, 2011

  1. Go ahead and pull a ‘pessimist’s party’ style rant – it may make you feel better.

    Goodluck on the move, I moved while feeling less than ideal too, I know its rough but it will feel sooo good to get settled in.

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