May 14, 2011

I moved last Saturday. It went well. Mom had come down to Charlotte and helped me finish packing the last of my stuff. We then moved the small boxes and most of my clothes to Columbia. I picked up my truck on Friday as planned with no problems and it was loaded in about an hour and a half. There was plenty of room for my big things. We drove down to Columbia and unloaded it. So everything was down and in the apartment by 2pm. It was the smoothest move I’ve ever made. Well, almost.

I had an awful headache all night Friday night and couldn’t sleep very well. I then felt very nauseous for a bit and was up all night feeling sick with a thundering headache. Saturday morning, I still felt bad. It was like I had a hangover, but I hadn’t had anything to drink. So I “supervised” while the last of my stuff was loaded up. I felt bad that I was feeling so sick and couldn’t help. But as the day went on I gradually began to feel better and by dinner time I was feeling almost completely better. On Sunday I was totally fine. Not a fun way to spend the busy move, but what can you do?

The in-laws left on Sunday afternoon. On Monday I began some of the unpacking and putting things away. I was able to make some good progress. Somehow Alex and I managed to fit all of our kitchen stuff in our tiny kitchen. By Wednesday, we had most everything unpacked. We also went to a USC Baseball game. It was a lot of fun, but we left early. I was tired and the game wasn’t in doubt. I didn’t do much Thursday or Friday as far as unpacking. Alex finished the unpacking today.

I started a new small project that I’m very excited to work on. I bought a very nice antique straight razor at an antique store. I plan on restoring it to useable condition. It appears to be from 1900-1930 with ivory handles, steel inlay, and was made by JA Henckles. As in the knife manufacturer. The blade is rusty and dull, and the handle needs to be cleaned and shined, but it should clean up nicely. I began working on it by filing off the pins that hold it together. This will make it easier to clean and restore the blade and handles. My next step is to remove the pins with a punch and take the whole thing apart. It’s a good project to be working on. It’s small, relatively cheap, and doesn’t require a whole lot of skill. I’m not going to even try to put a new edge on the blade on my own. That’s the most complicated part of restoring a straight razor, so when it comes time to put an edge on it, I’m taking it to a professional. Overall, I’m excited to have a small project to work on. I enjoy working with my hands and this project doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting or exertion. It might even be therapeutic.

Aside from my feeling sick last week, I’ve been doing ok. I’m still very tired. Most days I’m calling it quits about 2pm. I still haven’t been sleeping well. I’m waking myself up at night and when I am sleeping, I’ve been having some terrible dreams that leave me on edge and disturb me for the rest of the day. I have two doctors appointments this week one on Charlotte and one at Duke. For some reason, I’m feeling really anxious about them. I don’t really have a reason to feel anxious. This is really the first time that I’ve felt this way about going to the doctor’s. I just feel very much on edge, like I’m waiting for some bad news.

Well, the Sox just won against the Yankees. So I’m happy about that.


2 thoughts on “May 14, 2011

  1. If the anxiety getting worse is a side effect of your medications, maybe they can tweek that.

    Cool hobby…take some before and after photos to post?

  2. Carey,
    I just wanted to drop in and wish you all the best. We are all with you brother.

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